How To Grow: The Truth About Building An Enduring Company


So on any given day I might receive a call from a business owner who asks a question that varies around the same theme: “How are you helping to increase business profits these days?” Yes, it’s too large a topic to take on in a 5-minute call but asking a few targeted questions usually gets [...]

Why these are exciting times

Reno mag

I received a gorgeous three-part glossy catalogue in the mail two weeks ago. It was from a home furnishings retailer who clearly spent a lot of money betting I would not only open it, but make purchases from its beautifully photographed sleek pages. Many cynical thoughts flew through my mind. What were they thinking? Didn’t [...]

Fearful of Seeing the Numbers?


We are near the end of the first quarter and you’re keeping a watchful eye on the results of those well thought-out goals, right? While approaching the finish line and someone of importance asks, ‘How’s business?’ what do you say, and how do you know what you relate is correct? Will you slip into immediate [...]

Are Your Numbers Figured Out?

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So frequently I meet entrepreneurs who are go-getters and run great businesses. They focus on the product or service that not only brings value to their clients but generate fulfilling experiences that encourage repeat business. With the all the activity centered around operations, customer service, and marketing, sometimes it’s possible for some to miss a [...]

Taking A Vacation?


I frequently take time out to visit family as most live out of state. Generally I’m comfortable being gone because I stay connected and am a phone call away. But what if you or I stayed unplugged for a week or so? What then? Taking time away from operations can sometimes feel as though you [...]

Is Your Small Business Happy and Healthy?

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  Is your company moving along and growing at a rate acceptable to you or do you find operations seem consistently in start-up mode? Whether you are a solo-based freelancer or employ 20 people, we must all apply the same basic rules to show your clients you run a world-class organization.   The elements are [...]

Time To Get Back To Business!

new stairs

Ok, I admit it. It’s taken just a bit longer than usual to switch to work mode after the holiday break. No excuses, just took a little longer to snap back into ultra-productive mode. Can you relate? I just enjoyed my family, reflected on the blessings showered my way this year and the unusually warm [...]

Reflecting On Your 2011 Plan

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In my small corner of the world I understand the downward spiral of the nation’s economy is shifting. There are many of us that would beg to differ but somehow our tones and attitudes change when we approach this time of year. We are very much reflecting, looking forward and adjusting course as we end [...]

It’s Time For Bold Moves!

Burke Lake 7-9-11 e

What a journey this is turning out to be! With the approach of a number of intersecting paths in my life recently it’s time to think ahead. Moving forward boldly with an action plan in place is reassuring despite not knowing what the future will hold. Recently, my last child left for college for the [...]