Time To Get Back To Business!

new stairs

Ok, I admit it. It’s taken just a bit longer than usual to switch to work mode after the holiday break. No excuses, just took a little longer to snap back into ultra-productive mode. Can you relate? I just enjoyed my family, reflected on the blessings showered my way this year and the unusually warm [...]

The Buzzword is Marketing!

Madison Avenue 300

To a large degree much of your daily activities are connected to serving your clients and marketing your business. You and I know you’re great at what you do and let’s face it – you have to make a sale to gain a new client! While you are in the throes of building your company [...]

Thinking In Terms of Green


Think back to the time when your business was at its most prosperous. In contrast today, do you look at your numbers and think that maybe the old ways of doing business does not work anymore? What would you do differently if you were to start your business over today from scratch? With your present [...]