Fearful of Seeing the Numbers?


We are near the end of the first quarter and you’re keeping a watchful eye on the results of those well thought-out goals, right? While approaching the finish line and someone of importance asks, ‘How’s business?’ what do you say, and how do you know what you relate is correct? Will you slip into immediate [...]

Taking A Vacation?


I frequently take time out to visit family as most live out of state. Generally I’m comfortable being gone because I stay connected and am a phone call away. But what if you or I stayed unplugged for a week or so? What then? Taking time away from operations can sometimes feel as though you [...]

The Buzzword is Marketing!

Madison Avenue 300

To a large degree much of your daily activities are connected to serving your clients and marketing your business. You and I know you’re great at what you do and let’s face it – you have to make a sale to gain a new client! While you are in the throes of building your company [...]